The Book of Kendring

Rumours 2

Stories Overheard in the Mead Hall

Dark Season 1618

  • Magnus Treehunter is agitating against the peace and he has a lot of the landless cottars with him. Everyone knows that some of the hotheads are going to raid the Greycoats before the season is out and try to sabotage the negotiations. “Who listens to that blowhard, Magnus? Everyone knows he was given that name because he can’t loose an arrow straight.”
  • Jistin, the Issaries herald, has come back from a journey to Furthest and he says the Maize Priestesses of Tarsh are so beautiful they make men’s minds melt before they are sacrificed to the fields.
  • The refugees who have just joined our clan from the Dundealos have Elmali sun magicians amongst them. “What are horsemen doing up here in our hills? Why did we take them in?”
  • Captain Slice’s bandit band has been quiet for a while. Has he been raiding to the South?
  • The dark folk will be abroad this season again. Which means trouble with the forest spirits. Keep the children away from the woods and forests at least until the forest men have all fallen asleep for the winter.
  • The Puppet Prophet told Ilda’s brother in Elkenvale that a war is coming with the trolls. They have learned moon magic that can strike a man down with red fire.



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