Dancing Asterid

Clan shaman


Clan: Kendring
Keywords: Serdrodosing, Shaman, Seven Wind Spirits, Sabi Varn


I call on the spirits Before Me, On My Right, Behind Me, On My Left, Above Me, and Below Me

Strictly speaking, Dancing Asterid is a Serdrodosing Shaman, who has taken the female path to shamanism. However, most clansmen, knowing no better, refer to her as a Kolating, which is the male path to shamanism amongst the Orlanthi. Asterid does not waste her breath correcting them.

Asterid is a mistress of spirits. As the gods have no power over the most powerful spirits, she is required to intercede with them.

Like most shaman, Asterid is not a missionary and does not proselytize. There are very few spirit worshippers amongst the Kendring, though many folks within the clan come to her for blessings, or to make offerings in exchange for spirit magic. She makes charms and fetishes that bind spirits to tasks, and most families have a few such charms to aid them.

Charms may include wards against other spirits, such as those of disease; charms to keep knives sharp or to bless crops or prevent a man from tiring. Asterid does not ask for payment, but she is unlikely to help unless an offering, usually of food or clothes or labour, is made.

Asterid keeps her face mostly concealed. She uses her hood to veil her eyes, as if she can see while masked. Asterid does not appear to be old, but she is not young either and your characters can remember her as a figure from childhood.

Her magic is usually done through dance and singing and tea and gambling sticks. She has a fetch known as Blue Eye that seems to give her uncanny powers to see things from afar.

Asterid frequently invokes the Seven Wind Spirits and the runes most seen stitched in her clothes and tattooed on her hands are those of Spirit and Wind. She also invokes Sabi Varn, the ‘Night Listener’.

Asterid lives in a cave on the lands of the Bright Water stead, in a cleft of land surrounded by deciduous trees. The cave is little more than a scrape in the rocks with a crude shelter in front forming a porch. The path up to it is guarded by totem posts.

Dancing Asterid

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