Estava Smoke-Eyes

Clan Healer


Clan: Kendring (originally Elkenvale)
Keywords: Healer, Chalana Arroy, Unmarried, Devoted


Estava Smoke-Eyes is a Chalana Arroy priestess and the principal magical healer of the clan.

Estava was an initiate of Bevara when she married into the Kendring clan from the Elkenvale. She was known as a talented healer even then. However, after the death of her husband Estava dedicated to the White Lady, Chalana Arroy, and is an initiate of that religion.

Estava is a tiny, attractive yet chaste woman in her late 20s. She dresses in the white robe of her cult with the white sash of an initiate. She has a small shrine in Goodhaven and attends to the clan and surrounding lands. She will even travel to enemy clans such as the Greycoats and Namoldings. In her white uniform she may travel anywhere unhindered and is treated as inviolate. She is loved by many people.

As an initiate Estava has magical abilities to stop bleeding and exorcise disease spirits. Once she was even able to regrow a man’s limb that had been severed. If asked if she can resurrect a person from death, she says sweetly that she has not performed such a feat yet.

As Estava devotes almost all her working time to healing, she is effectively a priestess in all but rank. One day soon she may well don the blue sash of a Sister of Mercy.

Estava Smoke-Eyes

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