Finn the Heavy

Salt-of-the-earth Shepherd


Clan: Kendring
Keywords: Shepherd, Rigsdal, Night Brother, Lifts More Than Any Man, Big Heavy, Watches All Night Without Tiring, Scents Movement of Flocks on Wind, Rarely Loses Strays


Finn is Jarstak Trollspear’s younger brother, a tough, stocky sheepman in his 30’s. He is a Night Brother and has a little experience fighting trolls, though he has never fought the Three Tin Ton. In the fyrd he musters with a spear, shield and hard hat. He is known for his muscle. He knows the rite of Big Heavy and can lift more than any other man. An initiate of Rigsdal, he can keep a watch all night without tiring. He can scent the movements of his flocks on the wind and rarely loses a stray.

Finn is married to Tara Redbraid and is the hall head of Neela and Orvald’s hearth.

Finn the Heavy

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