Character Relationships


Neela grew up in Eoric’s Stead until the age of 9. Her biological parents both died in The Burning and are:

  • Insterid Fire-Eyes. A Vingan from the Underwillow Clan.
  • Borman Great-Plough. A Barntar farmer and brother of Farnan Hammerhand.

After the Burning, Neela moved to live with her uncle in Goodhaven. Her adoptive parents are:

  • Aska Red-Dress. A steadwife from the Frithan Clan.
  • Farnan Hammerhand. A former master redsmith of the clan.

Her stepbrother in her new family is:

  • Broddi Hothand. Master redsmith of the clan.


Like Neela, Fasulv grew up in Eoric’s Stead. His biological parents were lost in The Burning and are:

  • Ivarna Fry-Cake. A worshipper of Ernalda Mahome well-known for her cooking.
  • Rollo Seven-Cattle. A Finovan raider known for his thieving exploits with cattle.


Orvald’s family:

  • Varmand Cut-in-Twain. Orvald’s father. A renowned swordthane now turned farmer. A member of the Arynwar bloodline and a distant cousin to Jarstak, he is head of the Edge Hill stead and has many tenant cottars to work his land and tend his flocks. Has a reputation as a very uncompromising but honourable man. He and Orvald are known not to get on.
  • Theya Never-Stops. Orvald’s mother. Steadwife who came from the Frithan Clan. She first met her husband at the battle of Stone Man where he helped liberate her stead from an invasion by the Greenhaft. However, she lost some of her family in the fighting, an event that made her very bitter. Her name comes from her indefatigable energy. She is always doing things: organizing, cooking, sewing and managing people‚Äôs lives.
  • Hendric Runespear. Orvald’s eldest brother. Currently a thane known for his strength, size and the great two-handed spear he wields. Married to a Frithan woman.
  • Rurik Varmandsson. Orvald’s elder brother. A burly sheepman and stalwart of the fyrd. Married to an Underwillow lady.
  • Sora Varmandsdotter. Orvald’s younger sister. An unusually studious girl only recently initiated to adulthood. Has displayed an interest in law and lore and has learned how to read.

Character Relationships

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