Player Characters

The following are the original prose descriptions of the player characters, as of the start of the campaign.


Fastulv Restless is a shepherd of the Kendring clan and follower of Orlanth.

A loner who prefers to live in the hills, Fastulv’s role in the warband is to scout the enemy and lead his comrades through the wilds. Few people know the hills like Fastulv, who is expert at survival, hunting and ambush. His loyal alynx is always with him. Mostly happy and cheerful he has secrets that make him wary among people and he can be vengeful beyond control.

Fastulv can imitate almost any animal and is skilled with the bow and spear, and also the bolas.

Fastulv is a survivor of the burning of Eoric’s Stead by the Greycoat clan fifteen years ago. This may explain his sense of loneliness and the anger that makes him so vengeful. Fastulv’s deceased father, Tarkalor, was of the Arynwar bloodline and a brother to Jarstak Trollspear.

Fastulv tends to spend much of his time away from the stead. He is not entirely welcome at home because he finds it difficult to control himself.

Since ‘The Burning’ Fastulv has participated in the annual ceremony, conducted by the Ernalda priestess Dorasola Ravenhair, to appease the dead of Eoric’s Stead. There is talk of trying to resettle the land, though this would require either great magic or a war with the Greycoats to subdue the ghosts of the slain. Fastulv’s views on this are as yet unknown.


Orvald Furious is a weaponthane of the Arynwar bloodline and worshiper of Orlanth. He is fiercely loyal to his clan, the Kendring. A veteran of several skirmishes, he is skilled with sword and spear and is stronger than he looks. Though still young, he is respected in the fyrd for his skill at single combat and luck in battle, although his snoring is infamous. He speaks quickly and with passion and is quick to anger, especially against the hated Lunars. He is certain the Orlanthi will rise against them in his lifetime and occasionally worries his elders with his lack of discretion.

Orvald is around 21. He certainly has a reputation for being callow and lacking maturity. He can be very reasonable and pragmatic for the most part, but can also be a victim of his passions. He can be difficult to control when inflamed.

Orvald’s tongue is a little too loose, particularly on the subject of the hated Lunars, which worries the elders when occupiers are present. This may be one of the reasons the resistance has yet to recruit him. His lack of discretion may compromise them. It may also be why he is posted at the Blue Starling stead, away from Goodhaven where the Lunars most frequently visit.

Though nominally the officer in charge of the fyrd at the stead, his uncle Jarstak is a former weaponthane turned farmer. There are tensions between the two men whenever a muster takes place.

Orvald sees the Lunars as the immediate threat, so he is not interested in resettling Eoric’s Stead yet, or dissipating the clan’s strength on a full-scale war with the Greycoats.


Neela Zealoushands is a redsmith of the Kendring clan. She is proud of her contribution of tools and repairs to the clan. But the craftsmanship she truly prides herself in is her skill in forging weapons. She is also an accomplished and fearless warrior. Her introduction to battle came at a moment of desperate need and righteous fury. She still fights with the hammer and tongs, which she uses to “shape the world” into what is needed, just as she shapes bronze.
Stocky, curly-haired Neela is around 24 years old and is another survivor of Eoric’s Stead. A member of the Arynwar bloodline, she is something like a second cousin to the other characters.

After her parents died she was adopted by the master smith Farnan Hammerhand, who became her mentor and trained her in the mysteries of the smithy.

Some years ago, soon after initiation into adulthood, Neela was involved in a battle where she fought furiously for the defence of her stead. The clan assumed she was going to dye her hair red and adopt one of the approved warrior roles for women, such as that of Orlanth’s daughter, Vinga. But instead she veered away from that path and continued her apprenticeship at the forge. As a result she has achieved a curious status as a warrior smith. So far she has been able to win all her struggles to be accepted by the fyrd, but as an important clan asset there is always the possibility that some tension may appear in the future.

Neela is very pragmatic and believes in getting things done. She gets frustrated with talk, diplomacy and overcautiousness. She would be interested in joining the anti-Lunar resistance should they approach her.

As a member of the Arynwar bloodline and a survivor of The Burning, Neela has firm views on what needs to be done. She has been told that with the Lunar tax burden being so hard the clan cannot afford a full-scale war with the Greycoat Clan. However, Neela chafes a little at this.

Player Characters

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