This section discusses the religion of the Heortling peoples.

The Orlanth Prohibition

The Lunars have prohibited the worship of Orlanth and punish the pious with death. Lunar roads from Pavis to Tarsh and Whitewall are decorated with the crucified bodies of devout men and women. Sacred sites are desecrated by Lunar legions.

Heortlings get around this suppression by attending worship of other gods in the pantheon. Many lesser deities can stand in for Orlanth, Barntar being a favourite for farmers, for example, and Elmal, Heler and Odayla for warriors. Secret worship of Orlanth continues away from spying Lunar eyes. New sacred sites are found, some through special Hero Quests, and their location hidden from the enemy.

In this way worship continues under the very noses of the occupation.

Cults of the Storm pantheon

Here is a useful collection of links to descriptions of some of the major religions of the Orlanthi storm pantheon.

Orlanth: The storm god.

Ernalda: The earth goddess and wife of Orlanth.

Chalana Arroy: The healer cult.

Lhankor Mhy: The sage’s cult.

Issaries: The cult of trade and communication.

Humakt: The god of Death and oaths.

Other Important Storm Cults

Here is a brief list of some other important cults in the Orlanthi pantheon. Most men and women of your clan, maybe 85% of them, worship Orlanth or Ernalda. The rest worship these gods:

Barntar: The plough god. Sometimes worshipped through Orlanth.

Elmal: Warrior god of the sun. Like Gustbran, an exile from the Fire Tribe. Associated with horses.

Heler: A god of rain and loyalty who joined Orlanth from the Water Tribe. Also known as the Blue God, Heler is a shapechanger associated with rams and cloud sheep.

Odayla: The deep hunter. The god of hunters, born in the shape of a bear.

Vinga: Goddess of protection and war. The loyal daughter of Orlanth who had to prove herself the equal of the male gods and more to earn her place at her father’s table.

Yinkin: God of Alynxes and sensuality.

Asrelia: Goddess of wealth. The frugal, wise hoarder and giver of plenty. Sister of Ty Kora Tek.

Ty Kora Tek: The Queen of the Dead. The flip side of her sister Asrelia, Ty Kora Tek is the keeper of all good things, of souls and material wealth. Her worshippers are corpse handlers and ghost talkers.

Gustbran: Gustbran Bonesmith, god of the smiths, an exile from the Fire Tribe.

Donandar: God of the cosmic music. While most Heortling skalds worship the Orlanth subcult of Drogarsi, the court musician, some devote to Donandar, the wandering bard.

Minlister: God of ale and brewing.

Redalda: The horse goddess. Sometimes worshipped as an aspect of Ernalda Allmother, or of Elmal, or a god in her own right.

Rigsdal: The night watchman. Sometimes worshipped as an aspect of Orlanth Allfather, or of Elmal, or as a god in his own right.

Uncommon Storm Cults

These cults are not unknown to you, but you are less likely to encounter worshippers in your clan:

Eurmal: Trickster and Fool. Not a jolly jester, but an immoral, dangerous psychopath who exists outside the law. A glutton, iconoclast and seducer of women, a trickster is more likely to be hung than tolerated.

Urox: The Storm Bull. A berserker god known as Chaos-Killer, embodiment of the desert storm. Uroxi are more commonly found towards the Prax wastes. They are brutal and obnoxious, but there are no greater Chaos fighters.

Babeester Gor: Goddess of Revenge and Terror. A women-only cult.

Brastalos: Goddess of the Calm Air. The eye of the storm. Though worshipped by Orlanthi on Still Day (Clay Day/Disorder Week/Earth Season) she has almost no dedicated worshippers.

Engizi the Skyriver Titan: God of the River. A warlord of the Water Tribe.

Kero Fin: Mother of mountains. Kero Fin is the greatest mountain in Dragon Pass, a spike eight miles high and visible throughout the region. Kero Fin is also a goddess and mother of Orlanth and several other gods.

Maran Gor: Goddess of fighting and earthquakes.

Nandan: The housekeeper. The god worshipped by women born in the shape of men. An aspect of Ernalda that permits men a place in women’s society.

Aspects of Orlanth

Orlanth has many aspects, and each aspect may have its own subcults. Here is a summary of the major ones:

Orlanth Adventurous

This is the martial and adventuring aspect of Orlanth. Subcults include:

  • Desemborth the Thief
  • Destor the Adventurer
  • Drogarsi the Skald
  • Finovan the Raider
  • Mastakos Mover
  • Niskis the Lover
  • Ormalaya the Hunter
  • Orvanshagor Dragonslayer
  • Tatouth the Scout
  • Vanganth the Flyer
  • Varanorlanth the Wild
  • Vingkot Champion
Orlanth Allfather

This is the social aspect of Orlanth. Subcults include:

  • Andrin the Lawspeaker
  • Dar the Leader
  • Durev the Householder
  • Harst the Reeve
  • Jarani Lawman
  • Orlanthcarl the Farmer
  • Orolmarn the Herder
  • Orstan the Carpenter
  • Poverri the Fisherman
  • Starkval the Weaponthane
  • Vingkot High King
Orlanth Thunderous

This is the weather aspect of Orlanth. Subcults include:

  • Daylanus the Conquering Wind
  • Hedkoranth the Thunder Slinger
  • Helamakt the Fighting Storm
  • Ohorlanth the Thunderer
  • Vingkot Victorious
  • Yavor Lightning
Special Aspects

These do not fit under any other category:

  • Orlanth Lawmaker
  • Orlanth the Faithful Husband
  • Orlanth Lightbringer
  • Orlanth Rex

Aspects of Ernalda

Like Orlanth, Ernalda has many aspects, and each aspect may have its own subcults. Here is a summary of the major ones:

Ernalda Allmother

This is the social aspect of Ernalda. Subcults include:

  • Eninta the Midwife
  • Mahome the Hearth Goddess
  • Orane the Steadwife
  • Overdruva the Forest Friend
  • Pella the Potter
  • Skovara the Entertainer
  • Vela the Matchmaker
Ernalda the Healer

This is the healing aspect of Ernalda. Subcults include:

  • Belveren the Chaos Cleanser
  • Bevara the Medic
  • Enferalda the Supporter
  • Jera the Herbalist
  • Orventili the Peacemaker
  • Vorela the Animal Healer
  • Votenevra the Earth Healer
Ernalda the Queen

This is the leadership aspect of Ernalda. Subcults include:

  • Kadone the Grounder
  • Kev the Visionary
  • Orendana the Queen
  • Roitina the Ceremonialist
Esrola the Mother

This is the fertility aspect of Ernalda. Subcults include:

  • Entra the Pig Mother
  • Esra the Barley Mother
  • Isbarn the Goose Girl
  • Nevala the Sheep Mother
  • Pelora the Wheat Mother
  • Suchara the Rye Mother
  • Uralda the Cow Mother
  • Usara the Oat Mother


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