The Clan History

“Tell me the stories we tell about ourselves”

Here is the history you learned from the god-talkers, the skalds and your mother.

The Mythic Age

Which old god did your clan favour?
Larnste, god of movement and change.

What treasure did Asrelia give you?
The Rich Swan, which awoke our understanding of the feminine universe and helped us become masters of our craft.

What was the first ceremony your ancestor learned?
The Goose Dance, which taught us how to use every part of the animal. To this day we make nice household utensils.

When did you help Umath?
We helped him separate the Sky and Earth and bring freedom and violence into the world. Violence is Always an Option.

When did you join Orlanth’s cause?
When he found the new weapon, Death, and used it to kill the Bright Emperor at the Battle of Extinguish Field.

What was your earliest famous event?
The Battle of Extinguish Field, where Orlanth met Yelm face to face in open battle, and Orlanth killed Yelm and scattered his army. We helped by casting the mountains down upon the Fire Tribe, making it difficult for them to charge uphill.

When Orlanth and Ernalda married, which side did your ancestors stand?
We stood with Ernalda, as our earth was that of the hills. There we learned the importance of the joining of opposites.

Who was your first ancestor clan?
Urlanthing, the People of Urlanth, the primal Storm Peoples.

The Vinkotling Age

As the World fell apart, which remnant people joined you?
The Nalda Bin, the ‘Stick Farmers’, joined us as free men. They taught us how to scrape out a living on the thin earth of the hills.

Who is your clan’s ancient enemy?
Deloradella, Queen of the Dark Tribe, who now call themselves Uz, the hungry eaters that ate everything in the wilds.

In the God’s War, who was your favourite Thunder Brother?
Betimagor Uzbane, who fought against the trolls at the Battle of Dratsch to ensure men kept their shadows.

Who is your clan’s hero from the Red Peak Battle?
Umak Redshot was a son of the warrior Orand, who rode in the warband of Kodig Vingkotsson. He faced the red demon Jagrekriand and had time for one shot, which struck the enemy hard.

The Chaos Age

In the Darkness, which disaster nearly exterminated the clan?
In the time when there was no fear, when we nearly impaled ourselves on our enemies’ spears. Now we have mastered fear and know how to make our enemies reckless.

What was your clan’s Chaos foe?
The Hydra.

When all things died, how did your clan survive?
We strapped the bones of our dead fathers to our feet and escaped from the monsters by skating on the ice.

After the battle of I Fought, We Won, what form of ring began to lead your clan?
The Lightbringer Ring, established by Orlanth after returning from the Lightbringer’s Quest.

The Silver Age

When Heort made the Unity Council, which allies were important to you?
The Dragonewts.

Which Heortling tribe did you belong to?
We joined the Sedenorvuli, named for Sedenor who descended to save his clan from Chaos. We lived in the land just to the north of the Shadow Plateau and feuded with the Koroltes until we were forced to move to the far north to a land now called Talastar.

When Time began, what deity did your clan help awaken?
Orlanth, the Allfather.

The Hero Age

How did your clan resist Lokomayadon?
We fought the High Storm people when it was safe to do so. When Lokomo’s name is mentioned, we make the sign of protection from evil gods, using the right hand.

What did your clan do when Arkat came?
We sent as many men as we could spare, but no more.

When Arkat betrayed you and became a troll, how did you feel?
Offended, but we still fought with him against the evil god Gbaji.

What was your attitude toward the Empire of Wyrms Friends?
Suspicious—we did not go along with it.

What lesson did your clan draw from the Dragonkill?
Never try things that go against Orlanth’s way.

The Third Age

When the Pharaoh came, why did you leave your homeland?
It was a new place to explore.

When you came to Dragon Pass, what lands did you settle?
Hills and highlands, good for herding and defending against foes.

Which people most resisted your arrival?
The Praxians of the Prax wastes who tried to rob us.

Which tribe did you join?
The Cinsina, the ‘Brave Tribe’.

The Modern Age

Which of King Sartar’s deeds do you most admire?
He united the tribal kings.

How did you react when the Lunar missionaries came to your clan?
We drove them off or at least refused to let them enter our steads.

When King Tarkalor invaded Tarsh, how did your clan participate?
We fought honourably, but not insanely.

After defeat by the Lunars, how did your clan react to the new overlords?
We chose to bide our time until a good day for rebellion came.

When old grudges between the clans came to be settled, what was your role in the infighting?
We fought to expand our clan boundaries at the expense of weak neighbours.

When Queen Kallyr’s emissaries came, asking for support for a rebellion, what did you do?
Some warriors fought even though we forbade them to.

What does your clan think of Prince Temertain?
We hate him, but there is nothing to be done.

When the Lunars offered a bounty, did your clan participate in the Duck Hunt?

Clan Treasures

The clan has the following magical treasures:

The Beggar’s Bowl
In this treasure you can always finds some grains of wheat or barley to feed a child.

Trip Trap Tongue
This staring mask of bronze can help search for the truth in the hearts of men and makes it impossible for them to withold secrets.

Orane’s Armband
With this gold bracelet on her arm and saffron smeared across her breast a woman can inflame the heart of any man.

Hedkoranth’s Spear
A man can throw this spear and leap upon it to be borne in fury toward a distant foe.

The Clan History

The Book of Kendring Percyprune