The Kendring

“Tell me about my clan”

Picture 0The Kendring are an Orlanthi hill clan occupying the land just to the north of the Quivin mountains.

Tribe: Cinsina
Runes: Air, Movement
Patron: Orlanth
Thunder Brother: Betimagor Uzbane
Agriculture: Sheepherding
Values: Shrewd, Cautious, Courageous
Clan Motto: “Violence is Always an Option”

Clan Resources

Morale: 12w
War: 9w
Magic: 18
Wealth: 18
Peace: 12

The clan is highly cohesive with a strong leadership, as befits a people beset on all sides by enemies. There are few Lunar converts or sympathizers, and those Lunars who live in the clan have little influence.

The clan’s warband is powerful, with clever thanes skilled in the art of ruse and ambush. However, there are few peacemakers and diplomats to balance the thanes. The clan has earned itself many enemies from generations of raids and border struggles.

The clan’s magics and wealth are modest but not insubstantial.

Clan Abilities

The clan boasts these abilities:

Makes Nice Household Utensils
Makes Bone Artifacts
Know Dragonewt Greeting

Character Abilities

Player characters derive these abilities from their clan during character generation:

Fine Workmanship (Craftsmen only) +5
Goose Dance +5
Close Combat Weapon +5
Ranged Combat +10 (one shot; only when appropriate)
Skating +4
Domestic Chores (Steadwomen only) + 4

Wyter (The Clan Spirit)

Valenstor the Gale 18

Valenstor is the hero who defended the clan from the Five Dark Sisters, who could hide in your shadow and kill with a whisper. He raised a scouring wind that blew them into the light, where they could be slain. By many great magics he was bound as your clan guardian. Now he manifests as a green standard, a pennant some fifty feet long that billows and curls even when there is no wind. He speaks as a snapping wind in the faces of his people.

Clan Secrets:

Ignore Restraints
Make Enemies Reckless
Skate Marvels
Fight Against Chaos
Hill Farming

Wyter Abilities:

Impede Enemy Movement Uphill
Thunder Blessing
Sense Trolls
Defend Against Trolls
See in Dark
Sense Hydra

Clan Enemies

Ancient: Trolls, The Hydra
Recent: Praxians, Telmori

Clan Friends

Ancient: Dragonewt

Clan Attitudes

Fears Dragons: 17
Hate Lunars: 17
Hate Arkat: 1w

The Kendring

The Book of Kendring Percyprune