The Others

“Tell me about the others”

My Tribe

Your tribe is part of the Jonstown Confederation, formed when Sartar encouraged a truce with the Telmori wolfmen. It comprises the Cinsina, Culbrea, Malani and Torkani tribes.


Size: 11,000
King: Ivartha the Skinner (Worships Vinga)
Tribal Seat: Red Cow Fort
Lunar Relations: Suspicious

The Cinsina are the “Brave Tribe,” but call themselves the “Wolfslayers” because of their many wars against the Telmori. Many Cinsina champions have earned their mead-hall boasts facing raiders from the Wolf Tribe.

The flood plains of The Creek’s tributaries, particularly the Boranini and Lorthing rivers, are rich soils used by the Cinsina for hay meadows, which feed fat cattle. These riches have drawn many raiders to Cinsina lands.

Three clans joined the Cinsina Tribe after Starbrow’s Rebellion, so it is now the largest and most powerful tribe near Jonstown. When Orlanth’s rule was forbidden the tribal ring elected Ivartha the Skinner, a gruff Vingan warrior of the Red Cow, as queen. Her rival is clan chieftain Ivar Quickstep, an Elmal worshipper and Lunar sympathizer.

Tribal Neighbours


Size: 7,500
King: Amalda Edrufsdotter (Worships Humakt)
Tribal Seat: Two-Ridge Fort
Lunar Relations: Neutral

Though formally known as the “Sword Tribe,” people commonly call the Malani the “Bad Boys.” They are rash and touchy. People say they will fight over anything they do not understand, and the only thing they understand is fighting. The notoriously violent and unpredictable Mad-Blood Malan founded the tribe, and is now its wyter.

When the Lunars outlawed Orlanth and forbade his sacrifices, the tribe selected the first of many Humakti kings, the latest of whom is Amalda Edrufsdotter, daughter of the previous king, Edruf Strongbreath. The tribe has fared well under Humakti rule and Lunar protection.


Size: 6,000
King: Ranulf Turn-Tail (Worships Barntar)
Tribal Seat: Fox Hollow
Lunar Relations: Friendly

The Culbrea are the “Foremost Tribe.” They have a sterling reputation for their actions in battle. After Starbrow’s Rebellion, three clans left the tribe to avoid going to war, going to the Aranwyth and Cinsina. A fourth clan went to the Aranwyth after a short war in 1615. The tribe has thus lost half its land and members in recent years. Nonetheless, they remain proudly belligerent. They cannot escape their reputation, for they have fought in almost every important conflict since the resettlement of Dragon Pass.

The last king, Hofstaring Treeleaper, was a great hero who led the tribe in Starbrow’s Rebellion and paid the price. The current king is Ranulf Turn-Tail, a Barntar initiate who fled that battlefield. The Lunars appointed him, and he is the only king they will allow to rule the tribe. He seems shamed into obedience, and is scrupulously and shamefully servile to every Lunar. However, there are whispers that Ranulf yearns for another rebellion, so that he can fight bravely and recover his lost honour. Do you believe this rumour?

Neighbouring Clans

The following details your relations with neighbouring clans. Their resources are shown to indicate their relative strength.

Enemy clans are foes. Ally clans will help you, though usually for a price. Friends will aid you come what may.


Enemy Clan (Cinsina Tribe)

Wealth: 12w
Morale: 9w
War: 18
Peace: 18
Magic: 12

The Greenhaft Clan was once part of the Culbrea tribe, but the Lunars joined them to the Cinsina after Starbrow’s rebellion. The clan name comes from the Bronzewood Tree, a magical tree in Greenhaft Village that dates to the God’s Time. Its green bronze tree limbs are perfect for weapon hafts.

The Greenhaft are old enemies of your allies the Frithans. Many times have you raided their steads below Dwarf Cliff.


Enemy Clan (Malani Tribe)

Magic: 12w
War: 9w
Wealth: 18
Peace: 18
Morale: 12

Formerly part of the Colymar tribe, the Namolding Clan were joined to the Malani tribe after Starbrow’s rebellion.

Their wyter is the daimon of the great bronze bell that was found by Tonalang the Seeker when he led his people into the Arfritha Vale. The ‘Famous Bell’ hangs in a watchtower Tonalang built to house it and will ring out throughout the Vale in times of alarm.

Much of your border with the Namolding is the thick, difficult forest of the Brambleberry Hills. But still there are skirmishes in small clearings where cottars try to tame the wild. And often you raid from your hills down into the rich Arfritha Vale.


Neutral Clan (Malani Tribe)

Magic: 12w
Wealth: 9w
War: 18
Morale: 18
Peace: 12

Formerly part of the Colymar tribe, the Lysang Clan were joined to the Malani tribe after Starbrow’s rebellion.


Ally Clan (Culbrea Tribe)

Peace: 15w
Wealth: 9w
Magic: 18
Morale: 18
War: -

Elkvale is a beautiful valley where, the elk roam free from hunting and are treated as kin, for many families of the Elkenvale Clan claim descent from the nymph who lives there. The clan is peaceful, like the lands of its tula. They are gifted farmers and healers, strong in Earth magics. The bounty of their land reflects this. Chalana Arroy healers have a shrine in the Elk Vale. They have rights to cultivate the jerret cherry, a large ruby fruit known for its medicinal properties, on the nearby Cherry Ridge.

You leave the Elkenvale in peace because of their healing skills and you have taken some wives, including your most talented healers, from this clan. Occasionally you have been asked to help them against bandits and Chaos monsters.


Enemy Clan (Culbrea Tribe)

War: 12w
Magic: 9w
Morale: 18
Wealth: 18
Peace: 12

The Greycoat Clan takes their name from the wolf pelts worn by their thanes and many of the fyrd. These boast their skill at killing the Telmori wolfmen.

The Greycoats are a highland clan, occupying Cherry Ridge and some parts of the Culbrea Mountains. They once occupied Dwarf Ridge until driven off it by the Kendring, but continue to claim it as theirs. They have been responsible for brutal reprisals against the Kendring.


Ally Clan (Cinsina Tribe)

Magic: 12w
War: 9w
Morale: 18
Peace: 18
Wealth: 12

A hill clan like the Kendring, the Underwillow occupy the northern Larnste Hills and the land around Larnste’s Table. They are trollfriends, though that hasn’t harmed your relations with them. You take some of your wives from this clan.


Friendly Clan (Cinsina Tribe)

Wealth: 12w
Magic: 9w
Morale: 18
Peace: 18
War: 12

The Frithan Clan occupy much of the rich plain north of the Brambleberry Hills up to Jonstown, some lands across the river in the upper Arfritha Vale and a significant part of Fortin Vale. They are a wealthy clan made up primarily of cattle herders.

The Kendring have helped the Frithan Clan many times, lending them weaponthanes in their fights with the Greenhaft Clan. In return the Frithans have often gifted the Kendring cattle when times have been hard. The deep bonds of friendship and blood mean that most of the Kendring clan’s wives are drawn from the Frithans. The Frithans are as kin to you.

Enemies and Allies

Here is some information on the enemy and allied races. Some of this information may be unreliable.


Dragonewts look like immature dragons in the crude shape of men. The God Talkers say they are capable of reincarnation and through many lives they progress towards becoming a true dragon. They are a powerful and capricious race and incomprehensibly alien. They are the children of the True Dragons that ate the kingdoms of our ancestors.

Occasionally they pass through our lands on mysterious missions. Most men avoid them, but our clan knows the secret greeting that prevents them attacking or eating our children. Well, for most of the time, anyway.

Sometimes they give us gifts, though no-one knows why. Five years ago they delivered an egg to our stead which hatched into the Mighty Goose. This great beast has sired many impressive birds (all female) and patrols our stead with a ferocity greater than any guard dog’s. Some say it contains the hissing spirit of a dragonewt, though no one can be sure.


The Telmori werewolves are monsters who hunt in packs. They steal sheep and kill cattle; they raid our steads and flocks. Their wolf hides cannot be cut by bronze or bone, or crushed by stone or wood. They are tainted by Chaos. It took the great powers of King Sartar to tame them. Since the Lunars came they have come under the dominion of the Red Moon and we have had to fight them more and more.

Everyone remembers the Telmori as the “Murderers of Maboder.” About fifteen years ago, the wolf people invaded the Maboder lands and exterminated the tribe. Every clan was eaten, killed, sold into slavery, or driven away. Their lands quickly grew wild again, so that the werewolves could hunt better. Duke Jomes Hostralos, a Lunar officer, defeated the Telmori, killed Kostajor’s great wolf companion, and claimed the lands for the Empire. From these actions, he received the nickname “Wulf,” because he outwolfed the Telmori. Many people say he must be a true Chaos wolf because he was able to defeat the werewolves.

Kostajor Wolf-champion is the most famous king of the Telmori, for he saved two princes of Sartar from the Lunars decades ago. He is ancient now, but still rules the tribe, although no outsider ever sees him. Only Kostajor’s fanatic and well-known loyalty to the kingdom keeps the Telmori classed among the free tribes. The best-known Telmori in Sartar is Goram Whitefang, the leader of King Termertain’s werewolf bodyguard.


The Uz are the darkness folk, known as trolls by men. They worship demons of darkness, eat Men (and everything else) and hate the light. They are dangerous and treacherous, revelling in the growing darkness. It is not wrong to say that the trolls are evil.

And yet, the trolls stood with us against Chaos, fought against Gbaji and the dragons, and some say they hate the Red Moon as much as we do. They are deadly warriors, powerful sorcerers and see in the dark as if it were day. The dark trolls are bigger and stronger than Men, but fortunately they are few. The small and misshapen trollkin are far more numerous and attack in screaming hordes.


The Beast Riders of Prax are fierce, ruthless and unpredictable warriors hardly more civilized than their exotic riding beasts. Their alien language is as harsh as their dry homeland. They are untrustworthy and given to treachery. Their magicians command evil spirits and can issue harsh curses. However, though they are enemies they fought Chaos in the ancient wars and are allies of the beloved children of Urox.

The Others

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