The People

“Tell me about my people”

Clan Size

Feren 72dpiThe Kendring are slightly smaller than the average clan, a reflection of the hardness of living on the hills and their lesser wealth.

Clan strength: 749

This is broken down as follows:

Newborns: 36
Children (1-14): 239
Initiands (15-19): 62
Young Adults (20-34): 166
Mature Adults (35-59): 181
Elders (60+): 65

In time of war the clan can muster the following:

Thanes and Huscarls 37
Fyrd Militia ~ 80
Skirmishers ~ 80
Helpers ~ 45

There are six main bloodlines within the clan, the Drunil, Laronil, Baltaring, Arynwar, Frithara and the Tok.

Clan Ring

The clan is ruled by a Lightbringer’s Ring, in which each position corresponds to one of the Lightbringers. In the Kendring, this ring is as follows:

Orlanth: The Chieftain, Olfir Six-Fingered
Initiate of Orlanth Dar and Helamakt. Responsible for making most decisions.

Lhankor Mhy: Jaranil the Silent
Initiate of the Lankhor Mhy the Grey Ones. Responsible for keeping the verbal traditions of the clan.

Chalana Arroy: Estava Smoke Eyes
Devotee of Chalana Arroy. Responsible for the health and fertility of the clan.

Issaries: Tornil Patter Man
Initiate of Issaries Garzeen. Responsible for dealing with foreigners and outsiders.

Flesh Man: Gunda Bearsister
Devotee of Ernalda Enferalda. Responsible for the general community, especially the carls and cottars.

Eurmal: None.
The twisted insights of a trickster often reveals the root of a problem, but no chieftain is currently brave enough to tame such a dangerous madman.

Eighth: Ragnard Padfoot
Initiate Yinkin Gavren the Hunter. The Eighth has no special role, but Ragnard speaks for the scouts and hunters.

Ginna Jar: Jarstak Trollspear
Lay member of Orlanth Destor. Ginna Jar speaks for the outer ring, consisting of the heads of the households.

Other Important Clan Members

Senior members of the clan include:

Chieftain’s Doorthane: Vax the Watching Eye
Chieftain’s Wife: Unstana Longbreeks
Clan Dishthane: Pennypride Ursula
Clan Skald: Pluckman Kalf
Lawthane: Jarald the Edge
Clan Champion: Jordarn Stepping Blade
Warband Leader: Harvand the Hoof
Master Brewer: Ivara Copper-Pot
Master Smith: Broddi Hothand
Master Carpenter: Bolthig the Giant
Master Potter: Ysrela Longfingered
Ernalda Priestess: Dorasola Ravenhair
Kolating Shaman: Dancing Asterid
Clan Matchmaker: Griselda Thrice-Married

The spakeman of the bloodlines are as follows:

Drunil Spakeman: Alatar Barley Brother
Laronil Spakeman: Ormalak Tutor-to-Heroes
Baltaring Spakeman: Swennis Bristle-Beard
Arynwar Spakeman: Jarstak Trollspear (see Ginna Jar)
Frithara Spakeman: Magnus Tree Hunter
Tok Spakeman: Oddi Smack-Face

Factions of the Kendring

This section describes some important factions within the Kendring clan.


“We hide the storm within, carrying rebellion on our very breath. When the time comes we will exhale and a calamity will fall upon the Red Men.”

Destor’s Breath are a faction devoted to Orlanth and the destruction of the Lunars. They are said to include some senior members of the clan. Their agenda is to preserve the clan’s strength for the right moment rather than forment rebellion. It’s said they refused to support Kallyr Starbrow five years ago because an augury warned them that the Queen’s insurrection would fail.

Renowned Members: Few members are known to your characters, but the Chief’s doorthane Vax the Watching Eye and the dishthane Pennypride Ursula are said to be involved, as is Jarstak Trollspear. They are thought to have the ear of the Chieftain, Olfir.


“There are scores to settle with our neighbours. Now they are weak and we should strike hard.”

Supposedly devoted to the anti-Lunar resistance, The Biting Storm faction is populated with hotheads intent on resolving old scores with enemy clans first. The clan ring knows of the faction but would prefer they expend their energies on feuds than try to stir things up with the Lunar occupation and risk triggering a reprisal.

Renowned Members: Magnus Treehunter, Alebard Shadow-Trail, Kornos Ever-On, Gara the Witch, Harmast Twin-shield.


“Unite or be defeated by the Moon Tribe! We must unite the Heortling people as Orlanth did to defeat the Fire Tribe.”

The Clanweavers are the key peace faction within the clan, comprising a large number of the steadwives as well as the lawgivers. With ewe-gifts, marriage, and peace rugs they want to settle disputes and find ‘another way’.

Renowned Members: Jarald the Edge, Dorasola Ravenhair, Griselda Thrice-Married, Estava Smoke Eyes, Aileena the Proud.


The Righteous Wind are one of the main resistance bands operating against the Lunars. Their activities are highly secret. It is believed there are many members amongst the clan but no one can name one. The Chieftain, Olfir, is often mentioned as a sympathizer.


“No troll is permitted to live.”

The Night Brothers are a society of troll hunters and foes of the darkness tribe sworn to attack the Uz on sight. To be an accepted member one must kill a troll or at least five of the stunted trollkin. They are said to have magics, gifted by some guardian spirit, to help them fight in the dark.

Renowned Members: Harvand the Hoof, Ragnard Padfoot, Jarstak Trollspear, Oddi Smack-Face, Maniski Half-Man.


“The Lunars have conquered Sartar. The old ways are over and a new world is coming. We should embrace the new.”

Lunar worshippers in the clan are few and lack influence, but some brothers, sisters and cousins, demoralized by the defeat of their god, have adopted the Lunar’s alien religions. Protections from kinstrife extend to these apostates.

Renowned Members: Estavia the Teacher, Gurd Red-Turner.

The People

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