The Silver Pelt

A tale of the Greycoat Clan, this has spread as a children’s story throughout the Quivini peoples. Even the Kendring know of it.

In The Beginning…

When First Dog shed his skin the animals were puzzled by the change.

‘He stands on two legs, he is not a wolf,’ said the Stag.
‘He smells of fire and smoke, he is not a wolf,’ said the Ram.
‘He has no fur, he is not a wolf,’ said the Beaver.

But First Dog now had hands and tools and a mind as sharp as his teeth and he caught and ate them all.

Only Jackrabbit was able to escape First Dog’s tricks and traps. He ran so fast that even the wind could not keep pace and had to stop for breath.

Jackrabbit found the werewolf’s skin, where it had been left in the sunless forest. He stole it and outran First Dog, who was not so fast in his man-shape.

So it was that Jackrabbit bartered the skin to the Wolf Skinners in return for them not putting him in their pot. They used it to conceal their smell and shape from First Dog’s pack, who were ambushed and slaughtered.

And then the wolf killers were betrayed by the trolls, who took First Dog’s silvery pelt into the great dark where the Grey Coats could not track them and where their magic was weak. So was the great treasure of the wolf hunters lost forever.

The Silver Pelt

The Book of Kendring Percyprune