Each year has five seasons, followed by Sacred Time.

Each season is 56 days, followed by the fourteen day Sacred Time. This means a year is 294 days.

The Seasons

The seasons are as follows:

  • Sea Season. Equivalent to Spring. The time of the Blessing Winds. A time of planting, sowing and lambing.
  • Fire Season. Equivalent to Summer. The season of war and raiding.
  • Earth Season. Equivalent to late Summer and early Autumn. This is harvest time, and slaughter time for animals, when herds are culled. Preparations are made for winter.
  • Dark Season. Equivalent to Winter. The time of snow and darkness. People stay close to their hearths.
  • Storm Season. Where storm winds fight against the winter and usher in the spring. This is the hunger time, when the last of the winter food is consumed. The desperate may be forced to slaughter more animals or raid neighbours. The elements battle and winter is defeated. The snow melts.
  • Sacred Time. All people travel to the Other Side and make the world anew. The Lightbringer’s Rite and the victory of I Fought We Won are enacted. The outcome of the rites bless or curse the clan for the year.

The Weeks

There are eight weeks in a season, each related to a power rune, as follows:

  • Disorder Week.
  • Harmony Week.
  • Death Week.
  • Fertility Week.
  • Stasis Week.
  • Movement Week.
  • Illusion Week.
  • Truth Week.

In Sacred Time there are just two weeks, when the year-end rituals are played out:

  • Luck Week.
  • Fate Week.

The Days

There are seven days of the week, related to the elemental runes, as follows.

  • Freeze Day. Darkness rune.
  • Water Day. Water rune.
  • Clay Day. Earth rune.
  • Winds Day. Air rune.
  • Fire Day. Fire rune.
  • Wild Day. Luck rune.
  • Gods Day. Fate rune.

The Red Moon

The red moon hangs in the sky, stationary, and can be seen from every part of Dragon Pass. However, a black shadow passes across its face, causing it to wax and wane over the course of each seven days.

Lunar Magic in Dragon Pass is strongest on the days the moon is fullest, and weakest on the days the moon is darkest. Heortlings take advantage of this when planning attacks and ceremonies. The phases are as follows:

  • Freeze Day. Crescent Go Moon. An old crescent.
  • Water Day. Dying Moon. Almost completely dark.
  • Clay Day. Black Moon. The Moon is black in the day and invisible in the night sky. Lunar magic weakest.
  • Winds Day. Crescent Come Moon. A new crescent.
  • Fire Day. Empty Half Moon. A half moon.
  • Wild Day. Full Moon. Lunar magic strongest.
  • Gods Day. Full Half Moon. A half moon.


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