This is a summary of what you know of trolls:

Mother of the trolls saw the world born
Deloradella, eater of dead
Hungry and cruel, like the dark days of winter,
Lurking at the gates, waits for men to grow slothful.

Trolls are known as the Darkness Tribe or the Dark Folk. They call themselves ‘Uz’. They worship the gods of Hell and Night. They eat Men and everything else. Some trolls are said to worship and even command huge insects.

Trolls hate the light and love darkness. They see as well in the night as men do by day. They seem to fear the light and abhor fire. Only their berserker warriors who worship the demon Zorak Zoran have mastered the Fire Rune. They are known to be able to move silently and do not make a lot of noise.

Trolls are taller than humans, with long arms and a slightly slouched posture, like an ape. They often seem to have pot bellies, like a layer of insulating fat, and their skin is greyish or green-tinged. Their elongated heads have snouts with prominent tusks.

Troll warriors are fond of the club, the mace and the spear. Some wear armour made of lead, which is enchanted to be silent. However, the troll band known as the Three Tin Ton wear armour of the enchanted ze-metal, or tin, which cannot be pierced by weapons. Tin has never before been known to have such enchanted properties.

The trolls were born before Time from the body of the goddess Kyger Litor. They are associated with the rune of Darkness. When the sun god Yelm was killed and cast into the underworld, the trolls were driven to the surface by his light and so came to populate the Darkness. It was there that our ancestors first fought the Hungry Sisters and began to despise the Dark Folk.

Though trolls are the enemy of our clan, they stood with us against Chaos. They fought the evil god Gbaji and were so cursed in that war that troll mothers now mostly bear litters of stunted trolls, or trollkin. As enemies of Chaos some say the trolls hate the Red Goddess as we do.

Since Yelm returned to the sky, trolls have dwelt underground or in shadows and mostly prefer to travel abroad at night. They have been seen above ground sometimes, clothed against the light. Other clans have made friends with the trolls and even know the ceremonies to talk and trade with them, which is Not Right.

There are several kinds of troll.

  • The Mistress Race, or Uzuz, are the most powerful and magical of their kind. But no-one has seen any in Dragon Pass for decades.
  • The Dark Trolls, or Uzko, sometimes known as Man Trolls, who are bigger and stronger than men.
  • The Uzdo, or Great Trolls, are said to have been created by the demi-goddess Cragspider to break the trollkin curse. They are huge, brutal and stupid.
  • The trollkin, or Enlo, are stunted, pathetic creatures, as large as a child. They are born premature but refuse to die, the product of Gbaji’s great curse. Enslaved by the trolls, the trollkin often attack in screaming hordes.


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