What Grandpa Told You

About 120 Years Ago. The old days, the founding days. King Sartar founded a great land of peace, plenty and happiness.

About 60 Years Ago. Grandpa was born. He lived under the reign of King Tarkalor, the greatest king since Sartar. Tarkalor defeated the Lunar Emperor Phargentes. He defeated the Kitori, married the Feathered Horse Queen and so ruled all of Dragon Pass. The wolf men were peaceful, the Praxians traded instead of raided, the Lunar Empire was defeated. Tarkalor had fine, strong children. It was a golden age.

About 40 Years Ago. Your father was born. The evil King of Tarsh got magicians from the distant Empire and they killed Tarkalor at the Battle of Grizzly Peak. This was the beginning of the end.

28 Years Ago (1590). The Lunar Empire invaded, but was driven off.

24 Years Ago (1594). Neela was born. Her father, Borman, was proud of his little girl. Her mother, the Vingan warrior Insterid, declared her daughter would have the same fire for battle that burned in her own breast.

21 Years Ago (1597). Orvald was born to Farnan Two-Mothers and his recent bride, Theya. Great treasures were sacrificed to Orlanth for the gift of a son.

18 Years Ago (1600). The Empire invaded, but was driven off again.

16 Years Ago (1602). The Disaster Year. Against the wishes of the Clan Ring some of the men went off to war. The Empire used an army of zombies, the monster Crimson Bat, a regiment of dragonewts, and the avatar goddess Jar-Eel to take Boldhome. They have occupied Sartar since then. Each stead remembers the brothers and cousins who did not come back. No one knows where their bones lie.

You were a child at the time. Do you remember that sad farewell? If not you surely recall the great period of mourning afterwards.

15 Years Ago (1603). Many people were sick due to food shortages. Even in bountiful Eoric’s Stead supplies were scares. New diseases appeared.

Raiding, feuding and banditry became commonplace. Caravans were raided. Eoric’s Stead was burned by the treacherous Greycoats and few survived. Neela was sent to live with her uncle Farnan in Goodhaven. Fastulv was passed around many families and hearths before he ended up at Blue Starling Stead, where people managed to keep what was theirs from the raiders and bandits.

7 Years Ago (1611). The Righteous Wind Rebellion defeated a Lunar Army, but was crushed by the traitorous Harvar Ironfist. He is an Aldachuri and an initiate of Yelmalio. He used imperial magicians and the terrible Gagarthi (storm outlaws) to destroy the rebels. He is a king now, perhaps a high king as he says.

5 Years Ago (1613). Queen Kallyr Starbrow of the Kheldon raises the standard of rebellion following the Lunars’ attempt to desecrate one of Orlanth’s hilltop altars. Starbrow defeated a veteran Lunar Army, resulting in the fall of that greedy fool, the military governor Euglyptus. But she was trapped by his wily replacement, the Imperial General Fazzur Wideread.

Most sword rebels and claw rebels in Sartar ended their fight when Kallyr was exiled. Only bread war seems to be going on now. We kept out of the rebellion otherwise we would have lost more men. Fazzur made scapegoats of the durulz but we did not join the duck hunt he proclaimed.

4 Years Ago (1614). Some hearty adventurers discovered Temertain, a great scholar who was a descendant of King Sartar himself! Temertain came home and the Imperial General agreed to install him as a ruler of Sartar. Even the Wolf people agreed to follow him, which they only do for the rightful rulers. However, he has not lit Sartar’s Flame, so he is not the real king yet. I don’t know if it will help since most people say he is just a puppet for the Lunars.

Sartar is pacified. Though taxes are still high they are not as bad as under Euglyptus.

3 Years Ago (1615). The Colymar Tribe succumbs to Lunar domination. Their King, Blackmoor the Rabid, becomes a worshipper of the Red Goddess. The Firebull Clan of the Sambari Tribe rebels and Lunar reprisals weaken the tribe. The Dundealos Tribe also resist the occupation, leading to harsh reprisals. It is another warning to us to be cautious.

2 Years Ago (1616). In Kethaela, the Holy Country way to the south, the God-King Belintar, known as the Pharoah, is mysteriously killed. He usually returns to life after his reign ends but this time does not! The Holy Country is leaderless and vulnerable. The infamous Wolf Pirates ravage the coasts.

Last Year (1617). The King of Heortland (the eastern region of Kethaela) dies. In the ensuing chaos Malkioni mercenaries seize power. The Orlanthi king Broyan of Whitewall in northern Heortland defeated the six guardians appointed by Belintar and is made king of the Hendriking.

This Year (1618).
The Dundealos tribe have rebelled again after a Lunar tax collector raped the King’s daughter. The news is that the uprising has gone badly, with the tribe defeated. The Lunars have disbanded the tribe and killed, converted or enslaved the survivors, though we hear that many have fled to join their kin in the Pol-Joni. The Provincial Army has declared the Dundealos lands are being given to a new tribe, the Enstalos, formed from clans that have converted to the Lunar Way.

Kethaela is in anarchy but King Broyan holds out in his fortress at Whitewall.

What Grandpa Told You

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