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A saga of Sartar

Fionna 72dpiThe Book of the Kendring is a saga-style game set in the world of Glorantha, using the HeroQuest rules system.

The Clan

The Kendring are a Heortling clan of the Cinsina tribe, occupying the foothills of the Quivin Mountains in the land of Sartar near Dragon Pass. They are fierce and warlike and have many enemies. The land is occupied by the Lunar Empire, but these experienced hill fighters cautiously husband their strength and avoid provoking the Lunars.

The campaign begins in 1618 ST at the Blue Starling stead, which borders the clan’s enemies, the wolf-hunting Greycoat clan. Our heroes are:

  • Neela Zealoushands. Redsmith of the stead. An initiate of Gustbran Bonesmith.
  • Orvald Furious. A young and fiery weaponthane. A worshipper of Orlanth.
  • Fastulv Restless. An Orlanthi shepherd initiated into the secrets of the god Heler.
  • Magana Redspear. A Vingan shield-maiden.

The Story So Far: A Brief Synopsis

Orvald, Neela and Fastulv are three young Heortlings who chafe under the Lunar occupation. A clash on the border with youths from the enemy Greycoat clan brings to light sins committed by their parents a decade and a half before. To put to rest the ghosts of an old crime, and to unite the clans against the Lunars, the trio commit themselves to making a peace with their blood enemy.

By means of a great quest the companions are able to persuade the clan to assent to a truce with the Greycoats. However, Orvald finds that to complete the peace he must marry the spear-maiden who had led the recent raids on his stead.

Meanwhile, the companions make a name for themselves fighting the trolls, the ancient clan foe. After rescuing a pair of Heortling rebels from the trolls, they become embroiled in a civil war between the troll clans, one of which has fallen under the influence of missionaries of the Lunar religion. The heroes contemplate an alliance with the opposing troll faction.

The adventure log details the saga so far.

GM Note

This campaign is greatly influenced by Ian Hammond Cooper’s Red Cow campaign, which I was privileged to be a participant in.

The banner image is taken from the Sartar-set game King of Dragon Pass by ASharp, now available on iOS for the iPhone and iPad.

The Book of Kendring

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