Arkat goes by many names, such as Arkat Humaktsson, Arkat the Destroyer, Arkat Chaosbane and Arkat the Liberator. He was a superheroic mortal, a chaos killer who fought against the Devil.

The Devil was reborn from an attempt to create a new god. Some worshippers of Orlanth participated in the project. Chief amongst these Lokamayadon, who styled himself Orlanth’s Highest Priest. Lokamayadon sinned by exercising leadership without the assent of his ring. Instead he joined the Ring of Conspirators and lost touch with his own folk.

Lokamayadon contributed to the great magics that would make the new god. On the day the deity was born the sun stopped in the sky and had to be dragged back on course by the cosmic spider, Arachne Solara.

The new God had many names. To some, he was Nieby, to others Osentalka, the Perfect One, or Nysalor, the god of Bright Chaos. To his enemies he was Gbaji, the deceiver, the part of the Devil that was mind and intellect. He was beautiful and terrible and possessed great powers. He was able to reveal paradoxes by posing riddles and illuminated many scholars to the belief that Chaos was not evil or inimical.

Gbaji led an army against all who opposed him and the traitor Lokamayadon undermined Orlanthi resistance to this new form of Chaos. All were conquered, whether elf, dwarf, dragonewt, troll or human. They were absorbed into Gbaji’s Bright Empire, centred on the peaceful land of Dorastor. Then Lokamayadon tried to usurp the power of Orlanth with his New Wind, forbidding the worship of the storm god and killing initiates.

Harmast Barefoot was the Orlanthi hero who put an end to this. A simple farmer, he discovered the paths through myths and stories known as heroquesting. He travelled the Lightbringers Quest and returned with the hero Arkat Liberator.

At this time Arkat was an Humakti. He was a dire enemy of Gbaji, having unmasked the god Nysalor as the false face of the Devil. With Humakt’s Unbreakable Sword, won on a great heroquest, Arkat liberated Dragon Pass.

Arkat was a fanatic and had changed many times before in his pursuit of Gbaji. He had once been a Hrestoli and learned all its arts and magic before becoming a son of Humakt. Now he changed again, undergoing a strange ceremony to become a troll so as to destroy Gbaji. Orlanth did not approve of this, but Arkat the Traitor scorned the god and and with the berserker god Zorak Zoran as his guide his troll army overran and plundered the allies of Gbaji. Then he invaded the centre of the Bright Empire.

In the land of Dorastor, atop the Tower of Justice in the City of Miracles, Arkat and Gbaji met in hand to hand combat. In a mighty battle that devastated the whole land and caused the mountains themselves to roll over, one emerged from the rubble bearing the body of the other. Its parts were dispersed and hidden beneath magical wardings.

Many say the victor was Arkat, but it matters not which it was. Both were corrupt, and brought a bitter weakness into the life force in Glorantha. Though dormant for Centuries at a time, we can now see how Chaos, in the form of the Red Goddess, came back afterwards.


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