Campaign Timeline

Time format is: Season, Day Number (Day/Week/Season)

Year 1618 ST

Earth 15 (Freeze/Death/Earth). Leika Bundrisdotter of the Greycoats raids the stead. Neela and Orvald become possessed by ghosts.

Earth 16 (Water/Death/Earth). The Three Tin Ton attack the Blue Starling Stead.

Earth 20 (Wild/Death/Earth). Greycoat thane Bundris Blacktooth launches a diversionary attack and frees his daughter from captivity. However, Orvald wins a battle beneath Dwarf Ridge.

Earth 21 (Gods/Death/Earth). Orvald, Neela, Fastulv and Magana scout the White Tusk stead.

Earth 25 (Air/Fertility/Earth). Fastulv travels to the spirit realm and arms himself against the trolls.

Earth 26 (Fire/Fertility/Earth). The heroes fight the trolls and rescue Malta the Hurt and Brena the Branded from captivity.

Earth 27 (Wild/Fertility/Earth). The Red Moon flares. It begins a week of intense Lunar activity and the air is stilled.

Earth 28 (Gods/Fertility/Earth). The Greycoat prisoners are exchanged.

Earth 29 (Freeze/Stasis/Earth). Captain Atraxis of the Lunar Provincial Army visits the Blue Starling Stead.

Earth 30 (Water/Stasis/Earth). Glendar Bladesmile arrives at the Blue Starling stead, leading a group of Dundealos refugees.

Earth 31 (Clay/Stasis/Earth). The heroes meet Orvanlarnste, Malta and Brena at Big Flint and fight a great battle with an avatar of the Red Goddess. Swen Willemsson is killed.

Earth 33 (Fire/Stasis/Earth). The Red Moon returns to normal.

Earth 38 (Clay/Movement/Earth). Swen Willemsson is cremated. Neela and Orvald have the ghosts exorcized from them.

Earth 39 (Air/Movement/Earth). The quest for the Silver Pelt takes place.

Earth 41 (Wild/Movement/Earth). The Cinsina tribal market.

Earth 44 (Water/Illusion/Earth) Orvald meets Leika Bundrisdotter by the boundary stones.

Earth 48 (Wild/Illusion/Earth). The clan moot. The Kendring agree to make peace with the Greycoats. The Dundealos are allowed to join the clan.

Earth 54 (Fire/Truth/Earth) Ashborn Stead in the Elkenvale is burned.

Dark 4 (Wind/Disorder/Dark). The heroes set off to escort Kragar the troll to Jonstown.

Dark 5 (Fire/Disorder/Dark). The heroes battle Erianda the Red beneath Drum Top.

Dark 7 (Gods/Disorder/Dark). The heroes return from Jonstown after a successful mission.

Dark 15 (Dark/Death/Dark). A great troll battle takes place in the Brambleberry Hills, in which opponents of the Following Dark are routed by red fire magic.

Dark 18 (Wind/Death/Dark). The Clanweavers tell Orvald a marriage match is being arranged for him.

Dark 19 (Fire/Death/Dark). Neela Journeys to Jonstown to make contact with Yend and Malta the Hurt.

Dark 20 (Wild/Death/Dark). Ancestor Day. The severed spirit of Swen appears and the ancestors threaten to curse Willem’s Hall.

Dark 21 (Gods/Death/Dark). Malta leads the heroes to meet Captain Slice.

Dark 27 (Wild/Fertility/Dark). The heroes return to Hordros Mountain to speak with the troll Word Eater of the Blood Shadows clan.

Dark 29 (Freeze/Stasis/Dark). The heroes destroy a gang of troll raiders on the upper pastures.

Dark 34 (Wild/Stasis/Dark). Erianda the Red appears at Captain Slice’s bandit; the bandits immediately decamp. The heroes meet Kragar at Hordros Mountain and learn of his quest.

Dark 36 (Dark/Movement/Dark). The heroes confront the Biting Storm faction at Twenty Ewe stead.

Dark 40 (Fire/Movement/Dark). The heroes travel to the White Tusk stead for Orvald to commence his courtship of Leika Bundrisdotter.

Year 1619 ST

Approx Fire 30 (Water/Stasis/Fire). Swena Far-Blessed’s baby is due.

Campaign Timeline

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