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This section contains background information of interest to the players. The Characters tab takes you to information on some of the clan characters.

Campaign Timeline: A summary of events and dates.

What Grandpa Told You: Recent events as told to you by relatives.

Player Characters: A brief description of the player characters.

Character Relationships: Some notes on your characters’ relationships to each other, NPCs and ancestors.

The Kendring Clan

The Kendring: An outline of the clan, its abilities and statistics.

The People: The size of the clan, the makeup of its leadership ring and a list of important members.

The Clan History: The myths and history of the clan.

The Others: Tribal affiliations. The allies and enemies of the clan.

The Land: The clan lands.

The Stead: The Blue Starling stead.


Trolls: The clan’s great enemy.

Troll Haunts: Major troll concentrations near the clan.

Troll Hunting: Notes on troll hunts.

The Red Goddess: The history of the Red Goddess.

The Lunar Occupation: Some information on the army occupying Sartar.

Telmori: Information on the wolf men.

Major Figures

Minaryth Purple: The great sage of the Heortling peoples.

Kallyr Starbrow: The most influential of the Orlanthi rebels.


Time: The Orlanthi calendar.

Religion: Some reference on the Orlanthi religions found in Sartar.

Hospitality: The hospitality ritual of the Orlanthi.

Travel Customs: The pitfalls of travel in Sartar.

Adulthood: Information on how Heortling children pass from childhood to adulthood.

Marriage: Information on the marriage and courtship customs of the Heortlings.

Law and Justice: Notes on the law and justice codes of the Heortlings.

Warfare: Notes on Heortling combat and warfare.

Myth and History

The Silver Pelt: A myth of the Greycoat Clan.

Arkat: A history of the notorious superhero.

Hero Quests

The Quest for the Silver Fleece: A myth that describes how Heler rescued his people from the trolls.

The Smith Quest: A myth that describes how Gustbran becomes a master of metal.

Rumour and Prophecy

Rumours: Rumours you have heard as gossip. They are a window on the wider world.

Prophecies: Prophecies told you by a Kev visionary.

Main Page

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