The Land

“Tell me about our land”

The Kendring Tula

The Kendring Tula is bounded by the Quivin mountains to the South, Dwarf Ridge to the East and peters out into the thickets of the Brambleberry Hills to the West.

Most of the land is hilly pasture or woods, except for a small spur of disputed land that descends to the banks of the Boranini River where many of the clan’s mixed farmers raise cattle and plough the land. Farmers also work some land in the vale just below Goodhaven, or scrape an existence on single Hides of land between the hills.

On the hills endless flocks of sheep graze. Some wealthy families have such vast flocks that they resemble clouds descended on the hills.

The Brambleberry Hills

These hills were resettled by the Karandoli of the Colymar Tribe. However, the Jenstali Clan exterminated them with magic over a hundred years ago and for this they themselves fell to a mysterious curse. Their former lands are now rugged, thick and wild with large, vicious thorned thickets. Ghosts haunt the remains of overgrown steads. Bears, boars and chaos creatures are an everpresent threat. However, the hunting is good here.

The Namdoling and Kendring both claim the lands and sporadic frontier skirmishes take place in the forests. Some settlers have tried to tame the land, but settlement is sparse. Meanwhile, bandits like the Digging Dogs use the great wilds as a refuge. Trolls are found in strength here.

Drum Point

Also known as Drumtop, this hill was the drum of the giant Lant Ulfar. The clans around it can gain special Drum magic when they drum upon it, and they do. The Kendring, Grey Coats and Greenhaft all claim Drum Point as their land, but none are prepared to fight on the sacred ground and an uneasy truce is in effect.

The King’s Road

Princes and Kings built the great road from Boldhome through to Jonstown and beyond. However, since the Lunars invaded and deposed the king the clans no longer maintain the roads and they are falling into disrepair. The Elkenvale Clan has suggested the Lunars rebuild and patrol the road, but the Kendring resist this.

Dwarf Ridge

No dwarfs can be seen on these high pastures, but if you put your ear to the ground it is said you can hear them delving deep below.

The Ridge connects Kendring lands with Drumtop. It was occupied for almost a century by the Grey Coats, but the Kendring took back what was rightfully theirs, burning the Grey Coats’ steads and driving their people out. Since the Lunar Occupation the clan’s enemies have grown weaker, helping solidify the Kendring claim.

However, the Grey Coats have burned settler steads in reprisal. On some bad nights in Storm Season the clan ghosts can be heard screaming for vengeance.


The seat of the clan chieftain, Goodhaven is a hill fort overlooking the King’s Road and a cluster of longhouses and cottages beneath the walls. The fort was built by Taralor Spear-Witted, who brought the Kendring to this place and ran around the hill three times to create the spiral path to the strong house at the top. At the summit he discovered a well of sweet water, a gift from the spirit of the hill.

The clan wyter lives here and in time of war the clan standard is raised above the fort, flapping even when there is no wind.

Since the Lunars conquered Sartar a Seven Mothers mission has been based at the fort. It has few worshippers other than the weak-minded and the foolish. However, the priestess Estavia the Teacher is demonstrably kind and has earned the clan’s respect. She may be a Lunar spy, but she is ‘our’ Lunar spy. She tutors the noble children in reading and writing.

Hordros Mountain

The foothills of the mountain are lush pastures for sheep to graze. In the snowcapped heights bandits hide and monsters prowl.

Here the Silent Shout causes avalanches in winter. The Three Tin Ton come down periodically to steal away babies and eat them. The Crisis Child ambushes unwary shepherds and drives them insane.

Sometimes the Wind People are seen soaring over the peak on unknown missions for Orlanth. Your chieftain spoke to one once. All who saw it were enchanted by its beauty.

There are said to be hermits here, powerful enough in magic to be left alone even by vicious bandits such as Captain Slice.

Heroes seek shelter on the mountain from Lunar search parties. The Hidden Gale are kind to all who resist the Red Moon. They sometimes hurl great thunder stones down on Lunar convoys in the valley below. The College of Lunar Magic once returned fire and blew part of the mountaintop off. Minaryth Purple is said to have been seen here recently, on some mission for Kallyr Starbrow.


One of the great cities of Sartar, with some 2,000 inhabitants, Sartar founded it 140 years ago to settle a feud between Quivini tribes and the Telmori. Hauberk Jon was its first mayor, a famous warrior of the Malani tribe. He is now the city’s wyter, with feats to detect and kill Telmori.

The New City was erected on two steep hills and is where most of the townsfolk live. It is also where the tribes of the confederation come to trade. The New Market is renowned for the leatherwork of its artisans, and the Sage’s Quarter houses the most famous Lankhor Mhy library in Sartar.

An ancient hill fort overlooks the modern city. The Old City is within the fort, divided into three parts: the Old Market, used now for moots; the wealthy Hill Quarter and the Temple District, which holds the House of Peace (largest Chalana Arroy hospital in Sartar) and a Seven Mothers temple dedicated to Teelo Norri.

A ramp connects the New City to the Old, climbing over a ridge called Sartar’s Seat.

The Land

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